Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 25


Lindsay lit the chemical light, closed the steel door, and sealed the lab. She stood in the hallway, at the center of a pale green circle of light, and felt utterly alone. Leah Collins was dead. Holden was dead. All those men and women were dead. Everyone was dead or dying.

But maybe not Katie.

She placed her hand over the pocket where the vials were stored. They felt heavy, so heavy that she wanted to take them out and give them to someone else to carry. They were too important for her, it needed to be someone else, anyone else.

I have a decision to make. Continue reading

Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 24


Katie looked tired, or drugged, or both. James wasn’t sure, but she needed help. She didn’t deserve this prison, these tests, her… condition. My dad did this to her. He knew it and he did it. He’s a monster.

“My dad? My dad sent you? Who are you?” Katie said.

“My name is Jim and like I said, your dad sent me. Kind of,” he said, moving over to the bed and undoing the bonds that held her hands to the bed. There was an IV in her arm and he stared at it a moment before following the tube back to its bag, but the bag had no label. He had no idea if it was just a hydration IV or if it was something… else. Continue reading

Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 23


The door was huge. The ‘pop’ she’d heard was just the first unsealing mechanism and steam or some sort of gas escaped along its edge. She wasn’t sure what it was so she kept her breath held. There was a gas mask in her pack, but she’d forgotten all about it. Making a mental note to add that to her normal suit-up sequence, she waited while the door opened.

As it separated from its seal, Lindsay saw a swirl of white gas. She hesitated on the edge of it, reluctant to step through. She turned to look at Holden but his face was masked from her, covered by the darkness. All she saw was the glow of his goggles.

“It’s all right, it’s just water vapor,” the mechanized voice called from within the white gas. “It won’t hurt you.” Continue reading

Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 22


James did his best to keep his expression neutral. The things before him were not men, not anymore, yet they spoke and responded when spoken to. They stood at attention down in one of the lab rooms, one that was converted into a ready room. They wore Black Dawn uniforms, the patches on their shoulders, but these were not, could not be, his comrades.

“Do you see the beauty of God’s Plan, son?” Gideon Fitzpatrick said, standing beside him. His father’s smile was proud, radiant, triumphant. James didn’t see anything of God in these men. He saw Hell, death, a lack of humanity. They were sick and dying.

“It’s impressive, dad,” James said. The lie tasted like ash in his mouth. Continue reading

Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 21


She descended into Hell.

Until this moment, Lindsay thought she knew what Hell looked like. Burned towns, dozens of dead bodies, the Undead trying to kill everyone she cared about. Men dying from crushed throats.

None of it compared. The horror that waited in the dark burned itself into Lindsay’s memory. It wasn’t the Undead that littered the ground, or the smell of rot and decay, or even the desiccated corpses left behind by the Infected, but the dead who lay among them.

Once the soldiers dispatched the Infected, they’d begun burning chemical lights for illumination. What they revealed were hundreds of forms covered by plastic sheets. The sheets were sealed to the floor, preserving the contents within. When Lindsay approached, she saw the sheets had small windows at one end.

All of them had the faces of the dead beneath. Continue reading

Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 20


James waited for over an hour in the briefing room. The men waiting with him were both armed. He knew their names but he really didn’t know the men themselves. One was named Tom and the other Bradley, at least he thought they were. Neither tried to make small talk.

What he’d seen down in the labs he couldn’t reconcile. Why were they keeping people in those closets? Why were they held like animals? Why did they move Chris out of the main cells like that? Who were those people in the testing rooms?

Was it all true? Were they infecting people on purpose? Chris said they were trying to turn it into a weapon but why? The world was already dying, why kill it more? And what had he said about his daughter? They’d infected his daughter? Continue reading