The Squire – A Tale of Aranor Primer


The Squire is a fantasy novella set in the land of Aranor, a brutal world of warring city-states and minor kingdoms. It is a world rich in history, conflict and death. In this novella, we follow a young squire named Sky who is not all that he seems.

I will be posting this novella in small snippets, with each part roughly 2000 words. I do this so readers can have smaller pieces of the pie to read at a time, allowing for easier and faster reading. Doing so will not always lend me to having a convenient ending for each part, I fear so I hope you will forgive me in this regard.

Part 1 will go up tomorrow morning and I plan to post a new part every other day until the whole novella is available.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to leave comments!


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