Icarus – January 10th, 2089

January 10th, 2089

The bastards gave us one more free trip in the Can today. They said we were done but apparently we weren’t. I’m not sure if they were looking to test the effects of the couches on hung-over crew members or were just trying to screw with us, but the result was the same. It was bad. I will spare any future readers the gritty details but suffice to say it wasn’t pretty.

And it was supposed to be our free day.

The bright side is our training is now complete and we are at liberty to travel and say goodbye to our planet. Most of us don’t have much to say goodbye to, so most of us are simply traveling, all on NASA’s dime. We will have escorts of course, but it hardly matters.

I am going to Niagara Falls because I’ve never seen it. I figure that once I’m on Luna, I won’t see real, flowing water for nearly a decade. There’s something magical and powerful about the fact that this passive, gentle thing we call water can become a force so intense that it can crush steel. It drives on, ever forward without end.

Is this how the Time-Vortex will be? Will we be swept up in its currents and crushed beneath its awesome force? The science says no but as a writer, or rather a man who – while not immensely attached to his life – values the continuation of it.

Yet I joined this mission, which has so many dangers. Until this moment I haven’t considered them, haven’t thought that I could die on this journey. The briefings told us what can happen and our engineers are prepared to deal with them, but they’re there.

Who volunteers for a mission like this? Perhaps over the next week, I will come to terms with that.

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