The Space Cantina – Upcoming Blogcast?

Okay so I just wanted to post something quick about this. For the past few days I’ve been considering doing a mini-podcast for this blog to talk about what I’m working on both on and off the blog. I thought I could expound a little on the books I’m reading that you all might find interesting and maybe, if I’m feeling egotistical, chat about video games a bit.

I also thought I might talk about what it’s like to be a writer with a few credits to his name, trying to break into the market full time. I want to be a novelist first and foremost as telling stories has always been what I enjoyed most. To that end I’ve been recording a few casts to try and get the whole thing right and found out a few things that suck.

The major one is: where can I go to get some decent free music to use as an intro? I use a PC, not a Mac so I don’t have Garage Band or anything like that. Every site I go to wants you pay so much per cast per minute. It’s crazy! So I put the question out there: does anyone know a good place to get Free Use music from?

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