Icarus – April 30th, 2099

April 30th, 2099

What have I done? Sarah will not come to me! She stands on the other side of the sealed doors and turns her back on me! Sarah, oh Sarah, why? I… what have I done to the controls? Why are they broken? What have I done?

The colors are all wrong in here. I must write it down, that’s it. If I write it down, it will be right again. It must be why there are so many locked entries before this. Why are they locked? Why can’t I read my own entries?

She’s looking at me, frowning, pointing. Why? What is she so upset? No! No… please, no…

2 responses to “Icarus – April 30th, 2099

  1. Okay, so this is totally the wrong spot to jump in obviously and I will have to correct it as soon as possible but I wanted to at least say thank you for your comment on my blog and I wanted to add that I tend to really enjoy science fiction in turn. Fantasy and sci-fi tend to rank neck and neck most days (for me) and it’s interesting to see what you’re doing with this. I can’t write science fiction well at all but your piece seems intriguing for sure. The picture is amazing and I am looking forward to delving into what I’ve missed so far.

    I also wanted to share that I have nominated you for A Beautiful Blogger Award. Feel free to check it out at http://naomiedmondson.wordpress.com/ and keep it up.

    • Hey, wow thank you! And yeah… this is near the end of the whole cycle so you might be a taaaad confused 😉 Thanks for checking it out though! It’s a bit of a horror/sci-fi blend which I haven’t tried before.

      It’s wonderful to be nominated for such an award as well! Now to peruse my blogs to select seven other souls…

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