The Space Cantina – Thoughts on 36 Hours, writing and what’s next

SpaceCantina_HeaderPart 18 marks the end that revision of 36 Hours. I hope everybody enjoyed it! It’s definitely a moody piece, something I actively worked to achieve. I loved Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front, a book I tried to give homage to with 36 Hours. It wasn’t a story of huge heroics, of running in like Rambo and gunning down all the bad guys, it was a story about regular men trying to survive a horrible situation. It was a story of loss, both of life and hope. World War One shattered an entire generation around the world, and I’d hoped to capture just a small sense of that with my rendition of the United State’s own spirit-rending crisis.

I think this story requires one more revision and in that revision I feel I need to change Kat’s name. Kat is the name of Paul Baumer’s comrade in All Quiet and someone who served the same role for Paul as my Kat did for Tommy. It’s hard to change though, because Stephen Katzin is forever Kat in my mind. Maybe I’ll get away with it remaining the same, I don’t know.

For all of you who read all of those posts, and even for those who read just a few, thank you so much. It’s rewarding to log onto my blog and see 10 or 20 visits almost daily. You come and read a story I wrote and so many of you go on to read more and more of it. It’s easily the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. All of this has made me realize that I couldn’t be happy without writing. Everything feels secondary to it sometimes. All day, every day, my mind mulls over these stories and works them out. All I can hope for is that you all enjoyed reading them as much I did writing them.

This sounds like a eulogy doesn’t it? Well it’s not. I’ll be posting more stories! Right now I’m just figuring out what to start posting next. Some of my stories are being prepared to be sent out to magazines and such, so there’s a finite choice. I recently finished editing a fantasy story I wrote in the same world as The Squire. That novella needs a good revision as well but I’d feel pretty cheap posting revisions of that for you. It’s already here and it would only be finite changes anyway, a smoothing out of its writing. Perhaps I’ll start posting Hallow Hill, the other story in this world I mentioned. It’s shorter and once again features a hero who is not the typical male protagonist.

Conversely, I have something else I’m tempted to post. It takes place in a Science Fiction universe that almost feels more Fantasy than SciFi. I call it Space Fantasy really, since it tells the story of a caste of galactic nobility that rules from their space stations with their powers of Ether. It runs through them, powered by their Star Hearts, an inner core that shines more brightly depending on your breeding. The story I have half-written features a young woman in one of these noble families who is a Null, a noble-born child without any power whatsoever. They’re considered less than desirable and some “disappear” early in their lives.

I’d love to post this story but it’s only half-finished and I’m afraid of getting a few weeks in and running out of material. My schedule is horrid right now and I don’t want to fall behind, scrambling to write sub-standard fiction just to make it on time. So I will have to consider and consider well!

There won’t be any post this week, as I’m preparing whatever comes next. I hope you check back when I do however! As always, feel free to drop me a message or comment below.

Thanks for reading,


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