Dark Winter: Book 2 Image


This is currently what I’m working with. Not sure how much I like it yet… if anyone has a comment or thought, let me know!

4 responses to “Dark Winter: Book 2 Image

  1. Artists are their own worst enemy! You always gauge your work by the standards to which you hold those you admire, rarily if ever taking into account your own progress… That said, fortunately, im not you ^_^ i think it captures the intensity and darkness that you’ve written so far. That is actually, precisely, what this kind of art needs!!! I love it, please tell the voice inside your head to take a back seat and STFU 😉

  2. I liked that the first one had a very clean feeling; especially since many of the details weren’t yet known, it sorta set up both the blank slate and the bleak outlook.

    This one certainly is on the grittier side, and I like the addition of red, but I think the figures are either too distinct or not distinct enough. If they’re going to be characters that show up in the book, I’d personally prefer them to have a more filled-out appearance so we know the protagonists. If they’re just figures, I think they take up too much attention, at the expense of the rest of the scene.

    I’m by no means an art critic, though. Just my opinions on the matter.

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