The Space Cantina – PAX East and no Dark Winter this week


I meant to get Chapter 8 done way ahead of time.

For a while now I’ve had a good buffer of chapters in case I was really busy one week or simply couldn’t get it edited in time, but unfortunately that buffer ran out last week. I’d hoped to get more chapters done this past weekend but it just didn’t happen. I’m leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) for PAX East so it looks like Chapter 8 will have to wait a week. Sorry guys!

If anyone is going to PAX East, send me a message on Twitter or something. This will be my very first PAX, though not my first convention. For years now I’ve attended DragonCon in Atlanta pretty regularly. Lately, it’s become impossible to get a room for it. So this year my wife and I decided to go to something different. We’re both pretty big video game nerds so this seemed like a natural place for us to go. We just never did.

I’m heading up with a friend of mine from a previous job. He and I always talked about going but I never could find the time, or I was low on money, or I was getting married, etc etc. But this year! This is the year!

And it’s snowing. Well. I won’t let that stop me. Wish us luck!

If anyone is in the area and wants to say hi, once again use that twitter.

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