Another Delayed Chapter :(

Hey everyone, just a quick update that it looks as though Chapter 20 of Dark Winter will be delayed, likely for a week. I’m moving next week and work has us working overtime again. So between packing and long hours at the office, I just can’t find the hours this week.

I hate doing this, because it’s been very prevalent these past few months. Now, I don’t discuss my day job very often but due to my frequent delays, I thought it might be worthwhile to explain at least partially what I do.

I work in Quality Assurance as a Senior Tester for a major MMO Video Game company. I won’t bother saying which one but you smart cookies can probably find out. We’re launching a major thing this week and the past few months have been very taxing on the QA team. We all want to see the game succeed, but still the hours can be grueling and disheartening. Sometimes I just get home and powering on a computer feels like a lot of effort.

Still, writing is a release but it has suffered from the strain. Dark Winter is almost done. There are maybe 10 chapters left, though probably less. I’m really excited about finishing it and getting it complete for all of you who have been following along so reliably.

So, thank you for that and I apologize for my frequent delays. Hopefully they will be kept at a minimum.

– Mike

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