The Space Cantina – Random Star Wars Nerddom

I decided to make a post about this because I’m sick today and having trouble writing and even staying awake. But! I’ve been all inspired by the latest Star Wars movie and I’ve been puttering around with an idea… how I would make a Prequel Trilogy. Not how I’d change it but how I’d completely re-imagine it. New characters, new situations, new planets, the works. Some characters would reappear but be changed. Some would be cut entirely. New ones added in.

Well anyway, puttered about with an idea and wrote an opening crawl. It’s not finished by any means, but I thought I’d share it so far. I might even post a few chapters if I ever get around to writing it. This is literally a random post. Enjoy! 


Enter Anakin Skywalker, hotshot pilot for the local defense grid! He’s an older Anakin, perhaps 19 or 20, much like Luke was. Later, when his training fails, this could persuade Yoda to think the famous line, “You are too old! Too old to begin the training.”

I’ll post some more of this idea sporadically, should I do more of it.

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