The Pale Horse


Three months ago a man got on a plane in India thinking he had a cold. What he carried inside of him was a disease that was highly infectious and resistant to most known forms of medication. Within weeks, the disease has spread across the globe and there is no cure.

The world calls it The Pale Horse.

For twenty year-old Meda Ahachik, her vacation should have been spent worrying about upcoming finals. Instead, the pandemic reaches the city of Baltimore, and Meda finds herself relying on the teachings of a family she’d left far behind.

Welcome to a new serial

Wow it’s been a long time hasn’t it? I feel like ages have passed since I was posting regular things to this blog and it kind of has been. In the time since Dark Winter ended, I wrote two novels, one of which is being revised right now.

While I go through the wonderful process of editing and writing a Second Draft, I wanted to get back into writing something for the blog as well. You guys have really helped me with the drive I’ve needed to write novels. Since Dark Winter seemed to capture your attention, I’m proud to announce The Pale Horse for your reading pleasure.

Like Dark WinterThe Pale Horse is a tale of survival horror set in a world-wide societal collapse brought on by an incurable epidemic. Where they differ is in realism. There are no zombies in The Pale Horse. The bad guys are just humans, trying to survive and those bad guys might not be as bad as you think.

I hope you enjoy it.

Posting frequency

Dark Winter posted every single Friday at noon, almost without fail. While I’d love to keep up that kind of pace with The Pale Horse, I can’t quite guarantee that. With my finished novel going through editing, I may have to go to a bimonthly posting. Hopefully that doesn’t alienate anyone.

Like it? Spread the word!

Unlike Dark Winter, I don’t have the giant H1Z1 audience to reach out to. If you find you like The Pale Horse, tell someone about it! Get them to stop by! The entire story will be free on my blog so there is no need to invest anything but your time. I really appreciate any help you can give.

Will you provide a PDF once it’s done?

The plan right now is to gather the whole story up, give a good revision, and then post it Amazon. If you want to read it on your kindle, you’ll be able to get it there (trust me, it will be as cheap as I can make it). Some people have asked if they can donate to me for my work here and I’ve always said ‘no.’ What is on my blog is free and always will be, but if you like The Pale Horse and want to get it off Amazon once it’s done? That’d be super.

Give it a good revision you say?

That’s right! What you read on my blog is pretty much the roughest draft. Any agent reading this is cringing really hard right now. You guys  are my alpha-readers and if you see weirdness, point it out. It might be that I screwed up.

With that in mind, I reserve the right to go back and change things that I find wrong with this story.

When is it starting?

Very soon. Like next week! Prologue will be first, followed by a weekly or bimonthly chapter, as stated above.

How big will each chapter be?

Between 1500 and 2000 words (4-5 pages), if I don’t screw up and go really long. You should be able to read each post in 20-30 minutes.

See you soon!

What it said! See you soon! Prologue is coming… *eerie music*

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