I’m absolutely horrid at these “About” pages so I’ll be brief. I’m a writer of Science Fiction and Fantasy, gaming editorials and this here blog. I got my Masters in Creative Writing in 2008 from Rosemont College.

This blog is for you! Well, for any potential readers of mine. I thought the best way to get people to read my stuff is to offer some samples for free. My goal is to publish serial fiction as often as I can. Right now I post at a weekly pace with some random “thought” posts whenever I feel the urge.

My other love is video games. I can be found playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mass Effect and Dragon Age whenever I have time to spare. Right now I’m most actively playing Star Citizen’s Arena Commander. I’m always willing to talk video games and I’ve even been featured on the Quadcast as a guest host for Mass Effect!

And last, but not least, I leave you with my list of books I’m currently reading: Updated 7/28/16

Dawn of Wonder (The Wakening Book 1) by Jonathan Renshaw

Thanks for reading!


10 responses to “About

    • Ditto sir! And I only sleep 5 hours most nights, insomnia has always been my enemy. But really its been video games that I’ve neglected. Poor things.

  1. You have good taste in reading. Once I finish ‘Passage to Dawn’ by R.A. Salvatore, it is onto ‘Towers of Midnight’. ‘A Memory of Light’ beckons form my bookshelf. Have you finished it? If you have, a ‘yes/no’ question: did you like the ending?

    I am enjoying ‘The Blood’ so far (up to Part 4). Is there a particular story on your site that stands out to you?

    • Yes, I loved about 95% of it 🙂 Everyone has their own opinions of how it wrapped up but for the most part, Sanderson did a great job.

      And if you mean which of my stories I love the most or feel are my strongest? That’s hard to say but I do think ’36 Hours’ is my strongest so far, though its newest revision I’m finishing up is better than what’s on here. ‘Icarus’ was really fun to write too, and was my first venture in harder SF and psychological thrillers.

      • With so many avid fans and 20 years of waiting, it would have exceptionally hard to 100% nail the ending, especially when it was not the original author concluding it.

        Brandon won me over with the ‘Mistborn’ series. I can’t bring myself to hand the trilogy over to the book exchange; they’ll be a permanent fixture of my fantasy fiction shelf =)

        The one you love the most. Your ‘Original Fictions’ sound very interesting. I have noted ‘The Squire’ for reading once I catch up with ‘The Blood’.

        • I loved Mistborn, though I haven’t finished the third one yet. I know how it ends, so maybe that’s a reason. In general, I’ve found Brandon to be very approachable and just a nice guy. He has his lectures at BYU on the internet to watch too, which is fun to watch.

          ‘The Squire’ is arguably the oldest story in the bunch but one of my favorites. It’s in need of some revising I think, but it got a hand-written rejection from Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine, which was awesome.

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