The Space Cantina – Random Star Wars Nerddom

I decided to make a post about this because I’m sick today and having trouble writing and even staying awake. But! I’ve been all inspired by the latest Star Wars movie and I’ve been puttering around with an idea… how I would make a Prequel Trilogy. Not how I’d change it but how I’d completely re-imagine it. New characters, new situations, new planets, the works. Some characters would reappear but be changed. Some would be cut entirely. New ones added in.

Well anyway, puttered about with an idea and wrote an opening crawl. It’s not finished by any means, but I thought I’d share it so far. I might even post a few chapters if I ever get around to writing it. This is literally a random post. Enjoy!  Continue reading

Sins of the Empire – Chapter 2


The docks are perfectly illuminated. Despite this part of Nyx being on its night cycle, the landing pads are always working. Through the clear viewports of the station, the lights outside in the vacuum are fully on and the workers walking back and forth, loading and unloading cargo from dozens of small craft. Risha’s ship is named The Cat’s Paw after an old story her father used to tell her. She doesn’t remember much about it now, only the sound of his voice as he read it to her. She remembers it was scary.

This Cat’s Paw isn’t so scary to look at, but her skill as a pilot would dispel that notion quickly. Risha prefers not to fight if she can, but it’s not always an option. If she has to shoot, she wants to end it quickly.

“Evenin’,” Dorm says, giving her a wave as she ducks through the loading ramp doors, the circular hatch cycling closed behind her. One of the lead deck hands on Nyx, Dorm is tall and long-boned, like many who grew up in the poor districts that often lacked gravity generators. He has almost always taken care of her needs while the Cat’s Paw was in port and she trusts him more than most. She pays him to be sure of it. Continue reading

The Space Cantina – The Spring Cometh (work after Dark Winter)


If you’re readying this then very likely you’ve recently finished a very long journey with me. Back in summer of 2014 I started a little Fan Fiction short story called Dark Winter. I’d intended for it to be about 20,000 words and tell the story of Kate Fox as she reunites with her dad in the zombie apocalypse. I set this story in world of H1Z1, a game by the Daybreak Game Company.

Well it’s the waning days of summer of 2015 and Dark Winter is finally done. It came out to 98,000 words and told the story of not only Kate Fox but her friend Lindsay Volk. Over time, I realized that Dark Winter wasn’t just about Kate, but Lindsay as well. Lindsay was the real heroine of Dark Winter, no matter how much I tried to make it about Kate. Lindsay grew from a frightened, incapable girl into a strong, confident and determined woman. She saved not only herself but others.

Lindsay learned and grew and so did I. I learned a lot from writing Dark Winter. I learned that I could write a novel. It wasn’t just some fever dream I had. It was possible. I did it. I wrote “THE END” and closed my laptop.

I remember that moment. I wrote those words, closed the lid on my MacBook and then put my head in my hands. I’m thirty-something now. I’d dreamed of writing novels since I was ten years old. Now, finally, I’d written one. I couldn’t sell it, obviously, but I’d written it and people read it. They even seemed to like it. So it was a pretty emotional moment for me.

Thank you, all of you, for taking this journey with me. Without you I wouldn’t have done this. I couldn’t have. The drive would have been gone. The inspiration would have dried up. Katie would have lost her way and Lindsay would have never found her path.

So what’s next for me? Maybe some of you follow me on twitter and have seen my vague words about “secret projects” and maybe you haven’t. Irregardless, I’m still working. I’m working a lot, actually. More than before. I’m writing more per day than I did for a full week on Dark Winter.

Why? Because Dark Winter gave me confidence. It showed I can do this. I can push through. I can and will write a book. So that’s what I’m doing. I’m writing a new book.

It has no title but it has a plot, a strong one I think. It involves strange phenomenon, government coverups, and a courageous group of teenagers who are not only involved, but thrust into its center. Some of them came willingly, while others were pushed against their will.

This is a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time. I wrote it originally when I was 14 years old, but it was terrible… like all novels by 14 year olds typically are. Twenty years later, I know a thing or two about story, plot, and characterization. I picked up the small thread the story was based on and ran it out naturally, methodically, critically. What I saw was a story that needed to be told and for the first time, I felt like I could tell it.

I think you guys will like it. I’ll post a few previews on my blog as I go, but I won’t be posting it in full. This is a novel that I’ll try and get published for real. If that doesn’t happen, then you all will be my publisher and I’ll post it here instead. I’m proud of this and you all are the reason for it.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I’m about 25% of the way through this first draft. I expect to be finished by the end of October. Maybe in November, I’ll know something about it. Between then and now though? I’ll continue to write to you guys, to talk to you and tell you what’s happening. I hope you talk back.

– Mike