Fan Fiction

Here you can find links to all of my fan fiction. If you like fan fiction, read away and let me know what you think!

Beyond Measure

Type: Fan Fiction
Universe: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Marik Thorne is just a computer geek, a slicer who happens to work for Republic Intelligence. He’s not interested in guns or battles or heroics, but when a Spec Ops team chooses him for a secret mission Marik must choose to face his fears to help stop an insidious imperial plan.

3 responses to “Fan Fiction

  1. I am not particularly versed in Star Wars fanfiction, but I do intend on checking them out, especially if they’re anything like what I’ve read in Icarus. I only recently started to get into it myself but it is a fascinating facet to explore.

    • I write a bit differently than some Fan Fic writers. I tend to use characters I’ve made up on my own. Beyond Measure is one I’ve linked as 36 Hours is becoming a Steampunk story that I’ve been working heavily on. That said, 36 Hours is some of the most gut-wrenching writing I’ve ever done. I really wanted to show how horrible war was, and channeled All Quiet on the Western Front very heavily. The updated steampunkery is the same feel, but it’ll be original fiction rather than fan fiction.

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