NASA’s prototype deep-space science vessel, the Icarus, is going to Alpha Centauri and William Shriver is not the kind of man you’d think to send.

He doesn’t know the first thing about the Time-Vortex Tunnels or how a star drive works. He doesn’t even read Science Fiction books, but when the pay and opportunity to spend ten years away from Earth comes up, he can’t help but volunteer. As a writer, his job will be to experience the trip and write down his observations in the hope that once he comes back to earth, he will have one hell of a story to tell.

Hell could be the story he brings back.

Written in the form of Shriver’s journal entries, Icarus tells the story of mankind’s first journey through the mysterious Time-Vortex Tunnels. These fluxes in space-time allow a ship to travel a great distance in a fraction of the time. It will take the Icarus approximately four and a half years to reach Alpha Centauri, but an extended stay in cramped quarters with a group of strangers isn’t the only problems awaiting the crew of the Icarus.

Like the fable, will the Icarus fly too close the far-distant star, daring what mankind should never dare?

Listed below are the posts from the Icarus storyline in chronological order.

  1. January 5th, 2089
  2. January 7th, 2089
  3. January 9th, 2089
  4. January 10th, 2089
  5. January 22nd, 2089
  6. January 23rd, 2089
  7. January 24th, 2089
  8. January 25th, 2089 (Part 1)
  9. January 25th, 2089 (Part 2)
  10. January 25th, 2089 (Part 3)
  11. January 26th, 2089
  12. January 28th, 2089
  13. January 29th, 2089
  14. February 3rd, 2089
  15. February 4th, 2089
  16. February 5th, 2089
  17. Unknown
  18. 2099
  19. April 9th, 2099
  20. April 12th, 2099
  21. April 14th, 2099
  22. April 15th, 2099
  23. April 16th, 2099
  24. April 17th, 2099
  25. April 18th, 2099
  26. April 20th, 2099
  27. April 23rd (approximate), 2099
  28. April 24th (approximate), 2099
  29. April 25th (approximate), 2099
  30. April 26th (approximate), 2099
  31. April 27th, 2099
  32. April 28th, 2099
  33. April 29th, 2099
  34. April 30th, 2099
  35. May 1st, 2099
  36. Epilogue: Augusth 9th, 2143 Subjective/2145 Objective

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