The Blood – Part 13


He hit her right between the ribs.

Aderyn stumbled backward, fighting for breath. She held out a hand, either to ward off the next blow or to submit. In her confused, desperate fight for air, she wasn’t sure which one she meant to do. Opposite her, Kendrick sighed and stood up straight, stretching his arms above his head.

“You know, if this had been a real fight, you’d be dead right now,” he said.

“I-“ Continue reading

The Blood – Part 12


Hours, days perhaps, passed. Aderyn lost track of time in the tiny room, alone with her thoughts and memories. At first she slept and waited, but after a time the dreams grew too terrible. They were always of her mother or her brother Caiden. Awful dreams, painful dreams.

Only once did she dream of her father. It was a brief, sweet dream that faded like flavor ice on the tongue. When she woke that time she desperately wanted to hold onto it, to remember it but all she could recall was her father’s laugh. It was deep and wonderful, the kind of laugh that made everyone else in the room smile. Aderyn remembered smiling so many times. Continue reading

The Space Cantina – Novel writing, progress and sushi (okay, there’s no sushi, sorry)


I realize it’s been over a week since my last post, sorry about that. I wish I had a really, really good excuse but I don’t. Really what’s been going on is simply work, work, and more work. 50-60 hours a week kind of work. This is the second time it’s really kept me from posting a story though and thus, my goal keeps getting punched in the face.

The Blood has hit a wall. Not because I don’t really know where to go with it, I do, it’s just that I’m finding myself dividing too much time between other projects and not working on the novel. I get very few hours to sit down and put words on the page, and if I dedicate it to The Blood, I don’t dedicate it to the novel. So which do I concentrate on? Part of me feels awful for putting the novel first, because I think I do in fact have several folks who read this blog. It’s to you folks I’m talking to now. Continue reading

The Blood – Part 2


They walked through the sitting room. Aderyn’s cheeks were still hot but she tried to push away her frustration and irritation. Her mother never changed. Her children were assets or liabilities, just like good soldiers to her father’s fleet. If one was not pulling their weight, they were reprimanded or discarded. She needed to be strong.

“I have secured us a place next to the Nevans, a minor House with only a single world to their name, but growing wealthier. They’ve discovered two Jump Nodes in their system that lead directly to Orion. I’m sure Lord Kellen will move quickly to secure them, so an alliance with Nevan would mean an alliance with the Orions. You understand, of course.” Continue reading

The Space Cantina – Thoughts on 36 Hours, writing and what’s next

SpaceCantina_HeaderPart 18 marks the end that revision of 36 Hours. I hope everybody enjoyed it! It’s definitely a moody piece, something I actively worked to achieve. I loved Erich Maria Remarque’s All Quiet on the Western Front, a book I tried to give homage to with 36 Hours. It wasn’t a story of huge heroics, of running in like Rambo and gunning down all the bad guys, it was a story about regular men trying to survive a horrible situation. It was a story of loss, both of life and hope. World War One shattered an entire generation around the world, and I’d hoped to capture just a small sense of that with my rendition of the United State’s own spirit-rending crisis.

I think this story requires one more revision and in that revision I feel I need to change Kat’s name. Kat is the name of Paul Baumer’s comrade in All Quiet and someone who served the same role for Paul as my Kat did for Tommy. It’s hard to change though, because Stephen Katzin is forever Kat in my mind. Maybe I’ll get away with it remaining the same, I don’t know. Continue reading

The Space Cantina – Holy Crap! Did you say nomination?

So last night I was informed that the beautiful and talented Naomi Edmondson put me up for the “Beautiful Blogger” award. This is the first nomination I have ever received for my blog and I am extremely honored by it!

I also wanted to take this opportunity to say “Holy Crap!” in a post title. See what I did there?

As stated in the rules of participation for this award I must divulge 7 facts about myself that you neither know nor care to know. You get them anyway.

1. I was both a nerd and a jock in high school. No lie, I was an ice hockey goaltender for 13 years. See? Look at that dashing face.

2. I started out as a Fan Fiction writer. You’ll never hear me bash Fan Fic, nope.

3. My favorite authors are George RR Martin, Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, Scott Westerfeld, Erich Maria Remarque and Joe Haldeman.

4. I’m an avid MMO player, though I’ve become a “casual” one lately. My current game is Star Wars: The Old Republic.

5. I took lessons in german longsword fencing

6. Coffee is the only reason I am still passable as a human being

7. I am an amateur World War I historian and my great-grandfather fought in France during 1918.

And now…

Rules of Participation

1. List seven things about yourself

2. Nominate seven other bloggers

My Nominees








If you all haven’t seen any of these blogs, they are a wide and varied list of interests. Go forth! Kitty COMMANDS!

(I’m allergic to cats, so seriously go before he “visits” me.)

The Space Cantina – Novel, gaming, brain melting

If I don’t stop this incessant posting in the Cantina, it will become a habit. Won’t that be a ridiculous turn of events?

Unlike last night’s post, which was brought to you by a bottle of red wine, today shall be a little more coherent. Almost. I just wrote 3100+ words on the novel after working 9.5 hours formatting 5pt text at work, so my eyes are a little bloody and cross-eyed. Don’t judge me. Actually go ahead, just judge me with AWESOME. Or candy. Or wine. Wine gets more posts.

So today I had one of those writing days where the chapter I was working on just didn’t come to me as easily as the rest. I knew what needed to happen in this chapter but starting it felt awkward to me. I actually wrote two beginnings this afternoon, the first being cut and transferred to the chapter before (roughly 500 words of it anyway). Then I began again once I found my pacing and starting point. Almost every Chapter of this novel has a small storyline of its own, crossing through its own arc and resolving one small detail at a time. It’s a lot harder to do than simply flowing from one to another and I’m not sure I pulled it off.

As a first draft, I’m really not worried about it yet. On the second draft I’ll make sure to cut all the stupid fat and find where to streamline the story. For anyone reading this who is convinced every single word you write is precious, they aren’t. You’re a writer. You write words. You can write more. Cut the bad ones and make way for the better ones. “Kill your darlings” and all that jazz.

On a musical side note, I’m currently listening to the wonderfully talented Julie Fowlis. If that name sounds familiar, perhaps you saw the movie “Brave.” She sung two of the songs in that movie, but she generally sings all in Gaelic. It’s haunting and gorgeous and makes me want to write Fantasy again, even though I’ve left for the stars. I’ll be back though. One of my novel concepts is a gritty low-magic Fantasy, so I can’t let it go.

Before I go, I do want to mention to all my gaming followers that I’m now working with a new fansite covering the still-unnamed “Project Titan” from Blizzard. It’s called Titan Everything and is headed by my friend Andy (also from if you remember us there) and Bill from You can find us here. We’ll be covering up-to-the-minute news and breaking stories as best we can. Currently we have a news and rumors column that has everything you could possibly find on the subject. Go read! Now. Like, right now. For it is full of awesome and win.

Just ask Spock.

See? Make it so.