Fan Fiction Monday – Returns! Briefly for fun… “TIE Fighter: Alone in the Dark” Chapter 1, Part 1

Okay, so I’m going to post chapter 1 of an older Fan Fic I’d begun. It isn’t finished but if you’re interested in seeing some of my older, less polished, and yet amusing work… here you are. This features my alter ego, Miek Kenr, a character I created when I was 14 and haven’t… yet… rid myself of him. He was fun and he’s back! This time he’s a plucky hero in a TIE Pilot’s uniform, fighting on the fringes of civilization in a dead-end job guarding… nothing. Things quickly pick up for our heroes however as most of his friends were sent to Endor for a special operation…

Enjoy! Or flame. Doesn’t matter 🙂


Episode I: Alone in the Dark


Lieutenant Miek Kenr (Miek, prn. ‘mee-ek’) (Alpha Five) (starstenian male from Starstenia)

Flight Officer Eliber “Wart” Raun (Alpha Ten) (human male from Jorsch)

Flight Officer Jaz “Frog” Elameen (Alpha Four) (human male from Dantooine)

Flight Officer Kell “Sleepy” Crosse (Alpha Eleven) (human male from Denab)

Flight Officer Jacob “Prince” Evisarii (Beta Four) (human male from the Hapes Cluster)

Lieutenant Kristofer “Boom-boom” Ralgar (Beta Nine) (human male from Bespin)

Colonel Worl Vagon (Base Commander) (human male from Coruscant)

Chief Petty Officer Para Rengali (Imperial Intelligence) (humane female from Telaviiv)

Corporal Ren Tully (Imperial Scout) (human female from Ursine XI)

Lieutenant Bennet Vanderly (Imperial Navy) (human male from Corellia)

1. MIEK (Part 1)

Lieutenant Miek Kenr sat in the only lounge aboard Platform C-16. With booted feet up on the table, his chair pushed back on its hind two legs, he shuffled through a stack of sabacc cards. They were face-down and plucked one card after another off the top of the deck, paused, staring at it, and then turning it face-up on the table. Each card flip was followed by a curse, except with the very few occasions where dumb luck guessed the right value.

The lounge was all but empty, and the clock on the wall flashed 0213. Most of the pilots not on 3rd Watch alert status were asleep, or should be. Miek was the only one up for alert launch that night, despite the normal procedure calling for three. The station was too short-handed. They barely were able to keep two-man patrols with most of the 982nd recalled back to Endor. All that was left was a skeleton crew to man the station and pilot the aging TIEs.  Not much happened out here at the end of space. When Miek had joined the Imperial Navy he expected adventure and ports of call. Instead he ended up on a derelict Communications Platform in the middle of an asteroid belt. The most exciting thing that happened here was when some important bit of data was tossed through C-15 and routed to them, where they would decrypt it, read it, and re-encrypt it to send onto other stations or capital ships operating in the area. And the 982nd Fighter Squadron’s job was to protect this good-for-almost-nothing station.

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