Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 4


The whine of the A-10’s engines filled the air as James popped the canopy. He pulled off his helmet and let the frigid evening air wash over him. It was cold but at least it was fresh, compared to the stale, sweat-scented atmosphere of the cockpit. Nearly being shot out of the sky by a shoulder-mounted, guided missile tended to do that.

He leaned his head back against the ejection seat, closed his eyes, and laid his hands on the canopy rail. For a moment he just sat there, glad to be alive, thankful his training had saved him and his plane. Sometimes he wondered which his father would miss more.

Opening his eyes he glanced down at the instrument panel, looking for the picture he used to hide away there during his time in the Air Force. It wasn’t there of course, but the habit remained. He looked for it every time and every time it made him angry. He wasn’t sure if it was because it wasn’t there or because he still cared. Continue reading

Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 3


After reaching the bunker, it took Lindsay half an hour to calm down. Her heart felt like it was beating right out of her chest. It hurt and her limbs burned from the draining adrenaline. Images of the Infected horde coming for them played over and over in her mind and each time a shiver of fear shot through her. They’d been saved by complete chance but next time, they wouldn’t be so lucky.

She sat with her back to the wall, huddled over a warmed can of pasta, her knees drawn up tight to her chest. Staring into the mix of noodles and sauce, she found she wasn’t hungry. It was only when Katie walked into the bedroom that she looked up.

Her friend looked perfectly fine, not worried or shaken at all. How was that possible? How was she so strong? Lindsay felt like she might burst into tears at any moment. They’d almost died. Katie had almost been killed because of her hesitation and incompetence. Lindsay lowered her eyes quickly, feeling ashamed. Continue reading

Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 2


James Fitzpatrick bunted the A-10 over, stabilizing the jet as he dove. His finger was tense around the trigger and he could feel the giant 30 millimeter gun begin to spin up beneath him. Looking through his Heads Up Display (HUD)—the screen on top of his cockpit forward panel—he lined up the aiming pip on the horde of Infected.

There were maybe twenty or thirty, he wasn’t sure, but as soon as the pipper crossed over the frontmost Infected, he pulled the trigger.


Dark Winter: Book 2 – Chapter 1


3 Months Later

They tracked the blood through the snow. It fell in smaller and smaller splashes, each one further from the last. Their quarry was weakening, their steps no longer frantic and widely spaced. The snow drifts were deeper but the steps shallower.

The doe was dying.

Lindsay Volk was not a hunter. She was barely a survivor. The gun she held in her hands felt heavy and unwieldy despite the instruction she’d been given. Her best friend, Katie Fox, had done her best to show her how to use it. Today they’d gone out so Lindsay could get her first deer. Continue reading

The Space Cantina – When is Dark Winter Book 2 starting up?


No one has actually asked this, but I thought I’d post anyway, just in case.

Book 2 is starting very very soon. I’ve begun writing it but I have two things on my mind right now. The first is the release of H1Z1 in Early Access this Thursday. I normally release my chapters on Friday. It is entirely possible that if I post a chapter this friday, it will be entirely buried by issues of EA. I have a number of loyal readers (about 40 of you, no small number!) and I would hate to release something for you and have you miss it!

That said, it wouldn’t be going anywhere and you could always find it later.

So I’m considering putting of Chapter 1 of Book 2 until Friday, January 23rd. That would give me more polish time and let the initial excitement of EA die down a little. I might be missing out on some new readers coming to Reddit for the first time this Friday though.

It’s a very tough call.

So, Mike, when are you doing it? The answer is… I’m not sure. I want to see what state the chapter is in by Thursday. If it’s good to go, then I’ll release it. If it is… well, not up to par? Then next Friday instead. Like SOE, I don’t want to release a crap, rushed project.

Why? Because you guys rock and I want you to get the best possible work from me. And maybe I’ll be too busy playing H1Z1 this Thursday. Maybe. But I’m sure that will be a small issue right?