The Blood – Part 11


“It’s all right,” Resh said. “They just want to ask you a few questions.”

It took all the calm she had left to step into the room and stand before them. Each of them looked as old as the Governess, if not older. They all regarded her like she had, with suspicion and distrust.

“Young lady,” said the one in the center, a woman with gray hair and a rasping voice. “Tell us who you are.” Continue reading

The Blood – Part 9


She slept but did not dream, waking often. Each time she did, she saw the boy with his back to her, crouched or laying and watching the curtained entrance. Eventually a red light crept in and chased away the darkness. In that pale light, they left the shelter, setting out at a careful walk. As they began, she saw him clearly for the first time.

He was probably her own age, perhaps slightly older but not by much. His hair was a dark red, turned almost fiery by the red light of Querra. Almost as thin as she was, he bore an olive complexion and eyes the color of the frozen lakes of Meda. Those eyes looked at her on occasion and he seemed to be on the verge of asking a question but remained silent. It was Aderyn who spoke first. Continue reading

The Blood – Part 5

TheBlood_headerKnights rode in on their metal steeds, their etherlances held at the ready. The tips of each lance ended in two feet of glowing Ether. She saw her brother Redrick, looking radiant in his dark power armor traced with white lines of Ether. His lance’s tip was the same color. His Spark was like any other Medani. Caden would be there as well, but she did not look for him.

House Querra had arrived as well. Their Ether was a brilliant green. She saw a dozen knights on their steeds, all of them beating with that powerful light. It was beautiful to look on them. A knight was a powerful position even if they held no starkeep of their own. She would never marry a knight. Continue reading

The Blood – Part 4


For a long moment, no one spoke. Sir Loran simply looked patient and awaited orders. Outside, Aderyn could see ships moving in on the moon. Destroyers and her father’s Carrier had taken up a perimeter around the moon as if for bombardment. Finally, her mother sighed. “Very well Sir Loran, best bring us in.”

Aderyn found Zennir beautiful. Small seas brushed up against high-rising mountains. Those mountains swept down into lush, green valleys and plains dotted with Groundling settlements. She saw strange beasts that moved on four legs as they flew low across the landscape. The sky was red with the gas giant Querra looming overhead. Its rings cast rainbows of light down across the waters and shimmered through low hanging clouds. Aderyn had never seen anything like it. Continue reading

Icarus – January 7th, 2089

January 7th, 2089

Two days in the Can. That’s the unofficial term for the Vortex-Entry Couches. See also “torture”, “claustrophobia”, and “really, truly weird.” Studies show that entering a Time-Vortex creates enough pressure to simulate roughly twenty G’s. Suffice to say, that’s enough to make this skinny guy’s bones crack. So they put us in the Can and fill it up with liquid that’s supposed to insulate us from the G-forces.

What I can tell you about it isn’t pretty. You have to strip naked and you’re given a shot. I’m not allowed to say what the shot is, but once you have it, breathing becomes nearly impossible. It’s like air has become anathema to you. Once the liquid – which is a pale purple goop with the consistency of maple syrup – fills your tank, you can breathe it. I panicked the first time I tried this, I won’t lie. I thought I was going to drown and die right there in front of my nine other crew mates. Pretty pathetic.

Luckily I wasn’t the only one having trouble. I can’t describe the crew yet, but I can say it was one of the women. She recovered quicker than I did though.

After that the whole ordeal got easier. I can’t say I will ever get used to it, it’s frightening as hell and completely unnatural. You have to make yourself breathe. In the Can your automatic functions don’t work like they normally do. It will definitely take some getting used to but there aren’t too many Time-Vortex insertions on this trip, or so I’m told.

We’re fed through imbibing the goop in the Can. It’s basically a nutrient bath as well as an acceleration cushion. I won’t get into waste disposal, thank you very much. I’m happy you can’t see inside those things.

More tests are imminent as the launch comes nearer. For those counting at home, we are t-minus sixteen days until the Icarus breaks orbit from Luna. These will be the last fifteen days I spend on Earth before I ship out to Luna Station and go aboard.

Fifteen days to say goodbye to all of this. What would you do? Cover your eyes kids, because I’m talking to the adults right now. I’m going to spend it drinking and getting laid before the libido inhibitors kick in.