The Blood – Part 2


They walked through the sitting room. Aderyn’s cheeks were still hot but she tried to push away her frustration and irritation. Her mother never changed. Her children were assets or liabilities, just like good soldiers to her father’s fleet. If one was not pulling their weight, they were reprimanded or discarded. She needed to be strong.

“I have secured us a place next to the Nevans, a minor House with only a single world to their name, but growing wealthier. They’ve discovered two Jump Nodes in their system that lead directly to Orion. I’m sure Lord Kellen will move quickly to secure them, so an alliance with Nevan would mean an alliance with the Orions. You understand, of course.” Continue reading

The Blood – Part 1


She decided to wear the ivory dress to the war.

Aderyn Medani turned in the projector, seeing how the dress looked from the back. Her image moved and six copies of herself surrounded her, all wearing the dress. Yes, the ivory one is perfect. It would please her mother, as she would not be wearing the House colors, yet would not be far from it. It befit her station as a Null-Blooded.

“The ivory,” she said to the floating image behind her. The keep’s artificial intelligence Icon nodded its head and the holographic dresser blinked off. She stepped off the projector and covered her nakedness with a silk sheet while the AI’s robots came in to collect her clothing. Continue reading